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Archwing Sprint/Afterburner Not Working


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Greetings, After one of the recent hotfixes, I am no longer able to Sprint/Afterburner on my archwing in the Orb Vallis or the Plains of Eidelon. Normally if my warframe is in walking mode (I use toggle sprint) and I launch my archwing it goes slow, however if my warframe is in sprint mode and I launch my archwing it sprints and is able to afterburn... fyi I do have my sprint/crouch buttons rebound i.e. sprint to ctrl and crouch to shift though I wouldnt think this would be the problem. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks...*

*Update* It seems using the sprint/roll keybind is the issue here. I was relying on this instead of having seperate sprint and roll keybinds. Now that I seperated them i can engage the sprint however at the cost of a seperate button however i preferred the way it was before. Obviously one cannot roll in archwing mode in flight so the sprint/roll keybind should still engage the afterburner function imho.


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