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Stalker Mode Event? Something similar to Acolytes?


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All this talk about the problems with forced PvP or the problems with allowing players to opt out could be solved by handling it more like the Acolytes. The Acolytes drop some of the best mods in the game. Many people choose to avoid them, but a lot of us play for the rewards. This can be said about most events. 

If you handled Stalker Mode like an event, people could just opt out by not going to the nodes where the Stalker is located. If there are good rewards, more people would be interested in playing. This would only work for Public and Friends Only. Instead of 4 players, it would be 5, so you would have a 20% chance to load in as the Stalker if it's a full game. If the event was handled like the Acolytes, there would still be a chance for surprise invasions to happen before all players know where the Stalker is located. 

Again, since this would be an event, you could choose to play solo during this time if your goal is to NEVER see a player controlled Stalker, or you would just have a small chance to get a surprise visit before everybody knows his location. Maybe you get surprised once, but the event would be over in a few days so it wouldn't be a big deal. 

I really think this could be a good compromise. It could be an interesting event and it would give us a way to try out Stalker Mode with little to no risk of altering the game too much for anyone. 

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An event would be cool to see. My suggestion would be players who choose to play as Stalker should invade a mission as the Misery Acolyte. This solves many problems:

  • No need to make new assets for the character model
  • Acolyte Mods are added into the general game with low drop chances and consistency
  • Codex hunters can have a shot at getting this scan

I am quite excited for this game mode.

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