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Proteus, the warframe rip-off (New wf concept idea)


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This is a raw concept more than anything else, haven't got to actually design it yet so i put some pieces together to show the concept and that's about it. (The aim was towards a steampunkish-frankstein warframe). This subject would be someone's attempt of creating their own warframes but not for their own battles... but to sell them to the highest bidder on the battlefield. Mixing grineer and corpus technology with some infestation to acomplish this greedy goal. (Here i took parts of an ancient disruptor, grineer lancer, moa, gunner, corpus crewman, sensor regulator, charger, and pieces of corpus tech from a nako xol, to give a quick depiction of the usage from different factions, which doesnt mean it'd be the final design whatsoever)



(will eventually draw it from scratch, right now it looks awful ugly, and i'd like it to look neat fashionframeable ugly)

A failed attempt to create a new warframe able to defeat anyone. Little is known about proteus other than whoever created him for battle wasn't satisfied with the results and dumped him.



Passive: slight chances to proc radioactive when hit by someone of same allignment than equipped helmet / Abilities affected by equipped helmet

Summon a stationary stagball low on battery. Trips any enemy that walks over it. If an ally walks over it, it'll latch on them and provide little armor and a small chance to knock when running into an enemy.(latched stagballs blocks X shoots directly to it and then explodes, dealing little to none damage to its host)
*When BioCharged, Every Stagball behaves like a Roller and staggers enemies.(latched ones leave host if biocharged and joins the others)
-Duration: How long the balls stays on the floor during stationary state / How long it lasts biocharged
-Range: slightly affects size of the balls

Summon a nest intended to create plagues of maggots. Instead only summons enemy maggots when someone (enemy or ally) walks into the nest, getting latched maggots proportional to the time spent in the nest. The maggots' attacks per second depend on proteus allignment(Infested= toxic, Corpus = magnetic, Grineer = impact). 
* When BioCharged, Nests will spawn X Ally maggots per second and have a chance to spawn second nest next to it.
-Duration: Time before nest expires.
-Strength: Maggots dps 
-Range: Size of the nest.

Summon a drone that proyects a proteus decoy under it. Instead of distracting anyone, it is completely ignored and will only trigger through crossfire. Upon enemy hits, it explodes granting a bonus to nearby allies depending on proteus allignment (Infested= Heal over time, Corpus =Energy over time, Grineer=Armor) . Upon Ally hits,it explodes dealing part of the damage as impact to nearby enemies.
* When BioCharged, Holodrones are a exact copy of proteus and will use the weapon assigned when casted against enemy with 100% of the damage and with 50% life-armor-shield instead of insta dying (will still explode upon death / expiration).
-Duration: Time before it expires(reseted while biocharged). / How long it lasts biocharged
-Range: How far can be cast.
-Strenght: Damage dealt while BioCharged

Proteus renders invulnerable and overloads, falls on his knees and channels an expanding smoke around himself. The smoke is loaded with BioCharge, charging any other skill in its radius and dealing radioactive damage to enemies (with chances of electrocution proc). Once all the energy is drained ( or ability toggled off) the smoke dissipates and proteus' head is ejected to avoid self-destruction, then it must be put back on to end this state. He can do this by himself (Infested head= can crawl back with tentacles, Corpus= slightly hovers as a drone, Grineer= rolls like a ball) or be helped by a teammate (who picks and carries the head as a cell and inserts it back in its body, only if the head is not being moved when attempting to pick it up)
-Duration: Energy drained per second, how fast the smoke radius expands
-Strength: Radioactive damage.
-Range: How big the smoke radius is.


So the main Idea for the abilities is to be a failure (reason why proteus was dumped) but to actually have a great improvement in performance when they're biocharged by his own malfunctioning (channeled 4th ability). This will grant versatility towards different kinds of gameplays depending of  the situation, having in mind that the equipped helmet will play a role in some of the abilities (similar to chroma's  energy color or the mandachord's songs)



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A warframe shouldn’t come with a weapon when you customize it so it could be the phorid rework use a model similar to that but use phorids abilities have shields from the corpus and use the gorgon as a weapon

I’m really overthinking this aren’t I 

Edited by (XB1)SammyCat05
It made no sense at first
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1 hour ago, (XB1)SammyCat05 said:

A warframe shouldn’t come with a weapon when you customize it so it could be the phorid rework use a model similar to that but use phorids abilities have shields from the corpus and use the gorgon as a weapon

I’m really overthinking this aren’t I 

oh yeah, the weapon is there cuz i just was too lazy to remove it on the customization part, this was just a raw design to show the idea... soon i'll sit and draw one when i get time and replace the images to avoid all the confusion they might be causing lol

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