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"Checking for new content..." then "Update failed"


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I have this problem, I have dowloaded Warframe twice because: I format my pc and I was downloading the game, and all correct until the final check for content in the launcher its says "Checking for new content..." then "Update failed" and also "

Update failed!
Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers"

so... can someone tell me a solution?

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I'm having this problem as well. I reinstalled Warframe yesterday and then received an error message stating the same thing. I tried to connect to the website, but it was down too. Strange thing though, I went onto Twitch and saw that people were streaming and playing it totally fine. One other guy said him and his friend were also having trouble connecting to the website. The only thing we had in similarity was that we both had Comcast internet. Tried reinstalling my game, tried installing the stand alone, tried uninstalling removing all files associated with it, tried repairing visual c++ redistributables, nothing seems to help. Really confused, have deleted and reinstalled warframe a number of times but this is the first its ever happened to me.

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