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Defense Bugged? Mission abruptly failed.


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The nature of this post will be contentious- I will stipulate up front that if it was reasonable to think that this mission was failed from ineptitude, I wouldn't be making this post.

I'd been doing Earth: Lith defense for about half an hour, 40 minutes? Regardless, ready to extract at wave 25.

The squad has dwindled to two people, me and a matchmade Rhino.

Post Wave 24, the objective was at full health and shields, and none of the fare up to this point was putting on enough pressure to do much damage beyond just bringing down the objective's shields.

Between hydroid prime encompassing the entire room the objective is inside with tentacles, and a vaykor hek showering the center with explosion procs on a regular basis, not much had been getting near the objective in the first place. Six hundred kills by the end of the mission on my own.

By the start of wave, between ten and twenty seconds in, the mission abruptly failed. I hadn't been paying attention to the health of the pod because up until this point, there was no reason to, the details outlined above are reasonable enough conditions to merit just focusing on mowing down Grineer as I had been for the whole of the mission.

Because of those conditions, that between the two of us, the enemy hadn't done much to hurt the pod at all, even on wave 24, I find it incredibly hard to believe that the pod was destroyed by normal means, in such a short span of time, so I'm posting this here. Methinks this is a bug.

Only mildly infuriated. 😐

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