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Revenant Enthrall feedback


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So Revenant has some problem according to most players that "tried" him.


His mechanics not beneficial, but hopefully that warframe should get augment that can support his team.


Enthrall has irregular things if players want enemies to be crowd controlled.


Sometimes Enthralled minions dont enthrall others when they shoot it.


There are few things when I want this ability to be fully useful. Not to overthrow Nyx as she get terrifying mind control buff.


All these suggestions can be augments potential


Suggestion 1#


Killing enthralled target will have a chance to drop 25% health orb. The percentage cannot be upgrade with Power Strength.


Because enthralled target can be killed by teammates, hence sometimes enthrall is bad if the target cant enthrall another.


Visually telling someone to kill enthralled target means free energy orb to drop.


Suggestion 2#


Pillar of energy now spawn revenant ghost similar to Saryn's molt, it have high aggro than defense objective.


Suggestion 3#


Whenever Revenant cast Enthrall,


Option 1


he will passively cause knockdown with a range of 10meters. Range mods can increase its effectiveness.


The knockdown only work against non enthralled.


Option 2


he will give overshield to allies with range of 10meters. Range mods can be increase its effectiveness.


Some changes :


Enthrall target shouldnt have individual duration.


If I as Revenant want eximus units to refresh its duration, I enthrall another target so that the previous enthralled minion should refresh its duration.

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