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Revenant Reave feedback (REEEEE wonky)


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Boi, that ability is so wonky i dont know if this warframe is too fat in hitbox, XXL size doors cant even fit him.


Jokes aside, when Revenant cast Reave, its a dash ability, fast forward in frontal view.


This one thing people dont like, not because of stats (maybe stats are bad), because you cant control the fast forward.


Few solution to change its mechanic :

Number 1


Reave is now like Excalibur 1st ability dash slash allow Revenant to autolock and chain target to target until duration last.


If Revenant use the same mechanic but with duration it could prevent that wonky fat hitbox.


Number 2


Revenant Reave now cast himself into ghost state, giving the same invulnerability, with full increased speed when bullet jumping. The jump will be like trampoline.


Within duration revenant has the same range to drain enemies health and shield but he had to bullet jump instead of fast forward.


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