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What if Mesa could use her Regulators like Garuda uses her talons?


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10 minutes ago, (XB1)Erudite God said:

It'd be fine so long as they had like half their strength or something.

I don't mean using them like in the ability. Just like dual pistols.

17 minutes ago, RobWasHere said:

So it would be kinda odd if Mesa could shoot them outside of ability.

I don't think it would be. Just a different animation to a regular pistol.

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14 hours ago, AdunSaveMe said:

don't mean using them like in the ability. Just like dual pistols.

14 hours ago, RobWasHere said:

To me: 

It just seems like a bunch of unnecessary work when if you wanted to use her Regs you could just press 4, and if you wanted to move while in PM using her Regs just slot Waltz?

Like @taiiat said, seems pretty redundant. Cool, but redundant. DE would have to get rid of her 4 all together come up with a new 4 and trash waltz. 

All in all it just seems a bit much. Especially when you can use them now whenever you want by just pressing 4. 

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I think you'd be basically giving Mesa a set of pistols inferior to an awful lot of our Prime Secondaries. I mean, without the damage ramp-up and fire-rate increase that the ability gives them, plus the auto-aim, they'd just be a set of AkLex Prime with a third less modded damage.

I'm not even kidding, the base damage, crit/status chance and crit multiplier, means that with the optimum modding for both you're looking at a per-shot damage for Regulators of more than a third less damage than the AkLex and a lower base fire rate, meaning that the only advantage you would have is potentially lower reload speed...

You would also remove the current basic fun of modding your secondaries for one type of damage and your Peacemaker for another type of damage, giving you options of having multiple status types and even things like a high fire rate secondary to take care of Nullifier bubbles and then switching immediately to Peacemaker to kill things that were inside it.

Also, you'd be putting weapon holster time on them. Currently it doesn't matter what you're doing, you press 4 and Mesa is ready to fire with a very small delay where you have to stop firing one weapon and start firing the Regulators. If they were regular secondaries, you'd have the holster whatever weapon you were using and then bring them out, and any kind of quick melee (until Melee 3.0 fixes that as they've previewed) will interrupt your fun while you re-sheathe that melee before you can start firing again.

All in all...

It'd be cool, but it would also be a pretty average secondary to have, outshone by multiple others that players already prefer, and remove versatility in your setup due to its rather poor supplemental stats. That's a hefty kind of drawback for something that would just be 'kinda cool'.

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