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Khora/Venari Rework

(XBOX)Erudite Prime

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As it stands, Venari only has one mode: Healing. Protect mode doesn't do anything at all, and Attack mode is simply worse than Healing. I think that it would be really cool if swapping Venari's modes changed how she behaved more, rather than just changing her main ability.

Attack mode: Most similar to current pet AI where they mostly do their own thing. Also, while in attack mode, Venari and Khora's IPS damage would be buffed by 20%
Protect mode: After swapping to this mode, Venari would stay near wherever you place your Mark. This Mark could be placed on Defense VIPs, in Rescue and Special Defense. Also, her disarm ability would be replaced by a modest AoE blast proc to knock away enemies that get too close. Without a Mark, Venari would stick close to you. 
Healing mode: No changes necessary, except maybe add a modest armor buff to anyone who is currently being healed.

I believe that these changes would make Venari's other modes worth using and make Khora a lot better overall. 

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only healing mode she gets stuck still. AI needs fixing. the whole mode switch thing is already meh. both adarza and smeeta achieve these things and they dont have any switch mode.

id remove the mode switch and make it so using the skill tells it to do things depending on target.

enemy target: attack

ally target: defend

no target: heal

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no kidding, especially on low level content enemies die before I can even attempt to switch modes, this happens on all low level content with foes under lvl 50 because I rivened my gun that took ages to reroll to 999.9% viral, and is a major joke that I can't change modes since I kill the foes almost instantly.  I went 20 minutes in a party and they had crazy high op guns too and we were killing foes so fast that I must have pressed the switch mode around 200 times and every time I wanted to change it would make that dah dah noise like it can't do it cause it's like there is no target, so I am forced to use the default option only which is attack mode, as switch mode by having to target a foe is a freaking joke.  Can someone tell DE to change this please?  This is totally dumb and seriously needs a fix ASAP.

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Khora is one of my most played frames, so I know exactly where you are coming from. I actually had some similar ideas for a change from a previous post I made:


When Venari is in Attack Mode both her and Khora’s total damage with all abilities and weapons is increased by 10%, affected by Ability Strength, and the Snare attack now hits all enemies in a 4 meter radius simultaneously, not affected by Ability Range. Pressing the ability key while in Attack Mode and not targeting an enemy will teleport Venari to your location. When Venari is in Protect Mode both her and Khora’s damage reduction are increased by 15%, affected by Ability Strength, and the Tail Whip attack now disarms every enemies in a 4 meter radius, not affected by Ability Range. Pressing the ability key while in Protect Mode without targeting an enemy will teleport Venari to your location. When in Healing Mode, pressing the ability key without having an ally targeted will always instantaneously have her teleport to you instead of having her occasionally try to run to you from a long distance. If Venari isn’t commanded to heal an ally, nor commanded to stay in place, she will teleport to you the exact moment she gets out of Affinity Range regardless of her current Battle Posture.

Needed Bugfix - In Healing mode the ability to have Venari teleport to you occasionally becomes disabled (I couldn't figure out why), forcing you to rotate through all the postures and back to Heal Mode to regain teleport functionality. This is very annoying! Typically if you press the button for her to teleport it's because you need healing asap.

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