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Baruuk Feedback: 3rd Ability should heal/give energy


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After watching the previews on the devstream, I'm really liking Baruuk as a whole but I just feel like his main flaw is the redundancy of his 3rd ability. He already has 2 other defensive abilities and to just have a 3rd would reflect poorly on his kit as a whole when many other frames can defend and CC with just a single ability. (a recent notable example of redundancy in abilities would be Khora's 2nd and 4th abilities overlapping too much)

So as a solution, we should give Baruuk some supportive qualities which would definitely befit his monk theme. When Subdue's projectiles hit enemies, their weapons and strength is drained and converted into health and energy for the Tenno. Make love, not war in a sense. Since the projectiles also attach themselves to allies, this could also heal and energize the entire team and give more alternatives to Trinity. (Harrow is a well-designed support but he requires enemies to kill in order to support)

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