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Disappointed from Baruuk preview


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As I heard of Baruuk I was quite excited. A warframe that should play different than any other before? That sounded fun.

Actually, as I saw that preview on the devstream, it was a real let down. His kit might sound interesting, but it's neither new nor is it something special. We know that sleepthing from equinox, the disarm blades are almost the same as nova's particles and an exalted weapon...well. No new mechanic, no "everyone can hold out just so much until he breaks". Not even a good synergy between abilities :(

So I wanted to make a few suggestions based on my initial idea as I heard of baruuk:

To start, I would like to point out, that my idea of baruuk would rely more intensively on his "edge" meter. In fact, I would suggest some kind of "Two-Form-Warframe", where you fill that meter in one form and use it up in the other. This doesn't need a transformation in my opinion, some kind of glowy aura would do the job quite well.

That said, his ult should be only available when his edgemeter is filled to a certain percentage. Maybe this could scale with efficency. Additionally, in his "peace"-form there should be some penalty to weapon usage, like damage malus, fire rate down, you get the idea. In his rage form this debuff will flip, meaning if you got weapon damage down in peace form, you will get a sweet bonus while in rage form (again, weapon damage is an example). This would put a bit more meaning in his "i don't want to fight"-Theme with that "enough is enough" part well covered. Furthermore, when he changes form by using his ult, all abilities should work different than before. It's not about bringing peace anymore, it's about revenge in that moment.


First Ability:

While this sounds nice, I remember a few mechanics in warframe that started as cone and were reworked entirely or at least to work in a radius after. Other from that, it sounds quite interesting. Have to test how it works with teammates to say more about this.

For the ability in rage-form, I thought about a reflect, you know, bullets don't pass through you anymore, they are returned to sender. The problem is that reflect is too weak in this game, so it would need some kind of damage buff before returning. Additionally, there are many reflect mechanics in the game already and it wouldn't be very special either. I guess I have to think about this one a bit longer. Maybe you guys have an good idea.


Second ability:

Sleep, really? A growing sleep field? I think that was the point that disappointed me the most. Sure, a lingering sleep field is quite powerful, but it's far from being an interesting mechanic. I would like to change this one completely and intodruce the "dome of pacification"(placeholder). If an enemy enters this area, he will slowly lose his ability to fight. That's right, move around here, but don't you dare firing that gun! Furthermore (and I know that will get a S#&$ storm going), any ALLY in that area will slowly lose a part of his weapon damage until at ~95%. Peace is meant for everyone. But don't you worry, as long as you have a charge of his 3rd ability you are excluded from that debuff, kind of "allowed to fight" by baruuk. Every enemy wanting to fight and every ally actually fighting in there will raise baruuks edge meter. Bullets that are shoot inside the pacified area and catched by baruuks 1 will heal allies in the area instead for a small amount.

When switching to rage form, this will change from heaven to hell. Unleash your rage and let it rain down on your enemies. While active, the mechanic above is nullified. Instead, baruuks rage erupts from the ground, damaging all enemies inside the area. Allied players in the area are now granted bonus crit damage.


Third ability:

I would change this on to a channeled ability rather than on click. The reason: You could disarm more effectively by creating new blades while the ability channels. Additionally, this eases to give out the charge to players that want/need to fight in your 2nd ability. Charges on other players shouldn't be able to disarm enemies anymore. Else you could suddenly lose that 95% damage in cause of the 2.

For rage mode I would simply swap disarm to blind. This opens the enemies to the finishers lost in changing his 2nd ability. I would also add that bonus damage here.



While I don't like that this is an exalted weapon, I see how it fits his monk theme. So, additionally to getting those fists up, you enter rage mode. Every ability cast will now take from your edge meter instead of energy. Attacking with the fist will also drain the edgemeter. However, there shouldn't be a general drain.

While your 3 is up in rage mode, punching with your fists will shoot out a few of those blades to increase damage done. Remember that your 3 as channeled ability will eat away your edge meter consistently. Jump attacks inside your 2 (you know, hitting the ground and stuff), will lead to additional eruptions.


Phew, that's it. Those are my ideas for making baruuk quite unique. I'm pretty sure most of it won't get changed before his release, but I wanted to share these ideas anyway. Maybe someone else thinks similiar.


TL,DR: I feel disappointed by the baruuk preview and would change him to include some kind of rage mode with his ult, where his abilities change significantly. Furthermore, I would like to make his base set more distinct to other warframes.

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How about we let them get it out before we actually go slating the frame....

While I wasn't impressed with the range on his 4 the rest of the kit doesn't actually look too bad, also curious if it's going to be like nidus or a hybrid where we can use energy too...

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Actually, it wasn't my intention to "slate" the frame, just to point out, that it clearly has potential left. I wanted to show, that baruuk with his current kit is far from "plays different than any frame before" and give suggestions to improve that point. I did this at a point, where changes in development are still possible. Most developers want feedback on showcases and I don't think it is different here. I actually think I did this in a pretty construcitve manner and am open to discussions about my suggestions and ideas. I want that new warframe to be as much fun as possible and I guess you want that also. That's why I wrote down my ideas.

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Doesn't seem like you changed much outside of the 2nd ability. Your suggestion sounds "interesting" but not necessarily fun. Would probably create another Limbo fiasco the devs would have to fix again.

I personally like Baruuk's current implementation aside from the 3rd ability being a bit redundant. It is a bit simple just to shove in an Exalted weapon but simple isn't necessarily bad either. No point overcomplicating a cool theme. I'm just going to enjoy being a Shaolin Monk in Warframe.

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1 hour ago, ConsumerJTC said:

As a dude that is reliant on gun play and abhors reliance on abilities for CC or damage. I find Baruuk a welcome change, as the only other frame... Vauban is too paper for his own good.

it would be ridiculous for vauban to have the amount of CC that he does and be tanky. hes paper because he can completely neuter whole hordes of enemies.

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He has passive damage reduction with another ability that gives more damage reduction.  A disarm.  and ability to ignore damage from the front.  and AoE cc via a sleep and his combos in his 4.  He's deff going to survive for long periods of time.  He's also incredibly different compared to anything else in the game.  You can take any new frame and make vague comparisons to past frames.  No idea is wholly unique and hasn't been for sometime.  It's more important to make things feel different/engaging.  I can see Baruuk being boring for the majority of players as his CC isn't map wide effective nor instant gratification.  He's also not going to be killing like many dps frames out there.  he's going to be a niche style of play for people who specifically want to be playing warframe differently.

Both him and Garuda do this.  Just differently.  Garuda plays around the edge of death a lot due to being paper but having the ability to zip about, heal, and buff her and her team with the ability to ignore armor.  Baruuk isn't paper and isn't a team buffer.  But having him on your team means you'll likely have a guy that never dies and indirectly makes the area you're fighting in less lethal due to disarming and general cc.

I do wish there was a bit more synergy beyond gathering enemies and then sleeping them or taking slept enemies and disarming them/pushing them away.  But that's really my only complaint.

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