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Conditions for Spawning Incursions



In all honesty I really shouldn't need to make this thread, because I'm pretty sure the following is correct. Anyway.

As the title stated, I'm just asking for clarification on the conditions you have to meet for incursions to appear on PoE. Trying to complete a riven challenge.

1. Daytime (likely includes dawn and dusk period too. Sortie PoE is exempt)

2. No active bounty

3. Probably some time has to pass after loading into PoE or completing/failing the bounty (5min, maybe?)

Are these the only conditions? Because I'm not getting incursions to spawn, and unless there are other conditions that I am not aware of I'm pretty sure I meet all of the above conditions. I was sitting on PoE for over 20min during the day before it turned to dusk, then nightfall. Nothing. I don't think the anti-afk system placed in this game conflicts with it, but just to be sure I made sure to wander around a bit.

A simple forum search also brought me this thread, created about 2 weeks ago. If it's bugged, it's still bugged as of December 8, 2018. The only thing I can think of is that you must have completed or failed a bounty before incursions start appearing. I don't think I've seen any mention of incursion changes from the recent patches and hotfixes, though.

Edit: I don't know what happened, but an incursion popped up. I wandered PoE some more, and one appeared. Does simply hanging out at the gate prevent incursions from triggering?

Well, whatever.

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A wild incursion appeared.
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