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Broken Enemy Spawn Locations


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It seems like after the most recent patch enemy spawns are a lil borked in missions, particularly exterminate and interception. In exterminate you procede as normal up to a point, then enemies start randomly spawning inrooms behind you or stranger yet, just appearing spawned behind crates etc around rooms you're currently in. The spawning in the current room doesnt bother me so much but the spawning in rooms you've just cleared out peeves a little. 

As for interception I was getting enemies spawning in plain sight of me, like literally meters from me on top of the defense points or close to them, but right in my field of vision. They'd just appear on the ground, stand up and start shooting me. Very weird. 

(these weren't in the orb vallis btw, just regular missions) Please take a look at enemy spawns. Thank you for your time

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