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Coildrive hacking: Stealth kill on Corpus in dropships.


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Ticket: #1528455

A lot of times, when hacking the coildrive, enemies show near the hacking station.
These enemies, are incomming reinforcements from dropships.
When being fast enough, you can see a stealth kill prompt when looking at these from the back.

Performing a stealth kill, then ports you up to the dropship.
After performing the kill, you drop to the floor for a moment.
Mostly, it ports you back to your original position.
Other times, it just drops you down from where the target died.

All with quite hillarious results






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Yep, this is true.

I never get this when being host/going solo indeed.
This allways triggers when someone else is the host.

Specifically even more chance, when the host has a very high ping.

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