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A Suggestion For The Foundary


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Ok. The foundary wait time to build. Sucks but I guess I get it. However I really fail to understand why one has to craft resources 1 at a time. For example. if you have clan tech blueprints, you first have to build the respective main components. Which also requrie you to buy a blueprint. Let's use flux as an example. Forget the expense of having to buy 6 seperate blueprints just to craft it and how much that costs. End game weaponry. I get that it's expensive. But really? You have to craft 5 fieldrons one at a time? Waiting 12 hours for each one? For a total of 60 hours?  On top of the 72 hours to craft the actual weapon? Why? Why not just make it so if you have the required resources and funds, that there can be a prompt to craft multiple blueprints at once? I am a founder. I like and support this game very much and often. But come on. That has to be the most blatant marketing ploy ever, to goad people into spending platinum to rush the 9000 hours you have to wait to make one weapon. My suggestion. Make blueprints stack and be craftable as a stack instead one one at a time. You already lose the blueprint. Which makes absolutely no sense to be expended once you make them since a blueprint is just a set of instructions, but I digress. That is at least tolerable. Throw us a bone.

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