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Changes i would make to Baruuk


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I think that DE is missing a solid opportunity to bring him into his own space instead of giving him slightly altered or downgraded abilities that other frames already have.

here are some changes i would make

-instead of giving him another sleep ability, take this chance to do something cool with an accuracy debuff. make it so enemies cant hit the broad side of a barn while in an area under Baruuks influence range. make it big and moddable with range mods. this will give him a spot in team composition.

-remove the disarming daggers and instead add a calming aura aoe move where, as the enemies miss their shots, they build up discouragement to a threshold where they ultimately just give up and become passive, or sit down

-build the disarm into his 4. it was mentioned that his 4 is an exalted weapon, and as such it has its own move kit. they said that while blocking, moves would pull enemies and while not blocking it would push them. give the disarm to the pull moveset of his 4th ability.

-make his passive include a portion that is effectively the reverse of mesa. give bonus health, defense, or evasion when not bringing a gun to the fight.

i feel like this frame is sort of reversed in a way that a pacifist frame should be built. do these arbitrary buffs and debuffs to build up to your ass kicking 4th ability, where instead, the 4 should be a potent last resort.

These are my thoughts on how he could be built. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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They need to rethink the entire way that they approach new Warframes. I think your suggestions for abilities is a good step. Because the look and abilities of the last few they have released. Just have not drawn me in for the last year. I like your suggestions when directly compared to Mesa (one of my favorites). But as her counter part to a synergy like teaming. Rather than focusing on new play styles and worrying about breaking the games difficulty. They should focus on how squads of players can choose teams. Which is already present in the game I know. But that team play is why I play Warframe. Not for the new frames and weapons. Though I am looking forward to Fortuna.

So what you suggest for tweeks would be nice. For a pairing of Baruuk and Mesa; and just go ape on enemies and feel truly (truly) powerful. Maybe even making a progression system on what characters and team mates you work with a lot. Building that synergy and making a long lasting and repeat team ups more rewarding.

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