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VERIFY CACHE error without crash?


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I understand that games have bugs and they are bound to have however this happened just few minutes ago and I'm still perplexed.

I went on Eidolon Hunt bounty thing (where you have to get 3 of them). Everything was fine and dandy untill very end after my team took down 3rd eidolon (I'm still new with this stuff, I naturally tried my best to help) and then host migration happened. I was like, ok that happens however then all people who were with me dropped and in the end I was left with message error, something alongisde ''VERIFY YOUR CACHE, etc''. Game didn't crashed. It just returned me on Cetus, like I just landed in that place. Last mission report shows nothing. No shards, no arcanse, nothing. It basically looked like I didn't went on bounty at all.

I dont know if this is bug or not, I'm relatively new to the game. I verified cache afterwards but its kinda pointless because I'm still left without rewards from that mission. I also tried googling but results aren't showing the same thing that happened to me.



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