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Difficulty and Rewards


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Looking back on the years of playing this game what time was the most fun for you? The most fun I have ever had were the moments where I was faced with absurd difficulty. 

My first T3 exterminate with my friends where none of us had mods on our weapons, hiding in a loot room while a horde of enemies was at the door. 

Or maybe that time that I was soloing a T4 exterminate and no enemies spawned until the extraction room, where they all spawned at once and I kept dying and running out of ammo.

It certainly wasn't the time that I ran the same spy mission 20+ times a day for a week trying to get the Ivara part that I needed.

Now that I've gotten older and the number of games that I play has increased and my workload has shot through the roof, the amount of time I have for Warframe has become less and less,  which brings me to my point. I believe that Warframe players should have the option to play Warframe in a more concentrated dose. If I could, I would crank the difficulty up to 10x what it is now just to make it so I don't have to run the same mission 200 times to guarantee the drop of a certain item. 

This doesn't just apply to rare drops, but even smaller goals like Invasions. Why should we have to run the mission 3 times to get the reward? Why not make it 3 times more difficult and have the reward drop after a single run?

As I said before, I have played this game for years, but I often take large breaks from the game because it feels like the game is trying to push me away. Sometimes when a frame is crafting, I don't even bother logging in for the three days that it takes. Sometimes I stop playing because I see something I want with a 2% drop rate and I know that I will probably have to run it over a hundred times to get it. 

In conclusion, I would like to see Warframe become a faster paced, more hardcore version of itself with faster reward returns to players to keep them engaged. 

PS. Difficulty isn't just giving enemies 2 million effective health, making them instantly kill players, and adding nullifier shields. I personally enjoy difficulty that comes from constantly spawning enemies that fill entire rooms. 

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