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The Crashy Super Update Event


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This thread is for feedback on the 9/6 to 9/9 weekend event, "Crashy Super Update Weekend".


While I find the new twists on old frames interesting, I'm not entirely sure I'm enthralled overall by this event.


Although I did manage to crash a bit, it wasn't enough to really be "defining" of the whole weekend.


The amount of update and re-update released was good, though, and kept a definite sense of "this event will have you downloading forever AGAIN!", even though the missions got notably easier as we progressed.


Although I do expect this weekend event to appear again, I do believe it could use some tweaks.


The stern login rejection part seemed a bit rough, although we did overcome that. Would recommend keeping those levels to a minimum in the future.


Overall, I'm more or less pleased with the event's results as a total, although I am somewhat perturbed at the lack of a leaderboard. While I do not think my clan would have earned the crash statue, I do believe I'd be fairly high on the personal setbacks leaderboard--easily within the top 100.


Here's hoping that the next weekend event is a little less scary. Overall, thanks DE! Another totally unique and different weekend event idea! Keep the variety up!

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