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Need help with lvl 40+ void



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10 hours ago, (XB1)Tricky576 said:

I need to get to Mot in the void to continue with quests, and I can’t get past the first mission, I’ve given it everything I’ve got and followed other people’s tips, still couldn’t do it. Just need someone to carry me through those 4 void missions

If you rely on getting taxi'd through the middlegame, you are going to be woefully unprepared for Sorties and other "endgame" stuff. You should post builds like Darkley said, but let me run you through the basics of what a player at your level needs:

  1. Serration, Vitality, and Steel Fiber all maxed out. Also Hornet Strike maxed out, if you can spring for it
  2. Enough mods to make any combination of elements on your weapons. These mods also need to be maxed
  3. Mods like Intensify and Streamline will be needed too. We won't ask you to spring for the Corrupted mods like Blind Rage or Fleeting Expertise, but that might come soon
  4. Replace the garbage early game weapons for higher MR weapons. We're talking about ditching Boltor non-prime, Braton non-Prime, Heat Sword, Furis, other lame low-MR weapons in favor of good stuff like the Soma, Sibaris, Dragon Nikana, Broken-War, and the AkVasto
  5. If possible, start building Prime gear. If not, no sweat quite yet
  6. Patience. This is when you feel the grind
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Interception and Sabotage? A Mobile Defense too iirc.?

You could pick Octavia for easy mode for all three of these mission types.

Drop Mallet in defensive missions, use Amp to oneshot the miniboss/es in Sabotage and buff Mallet.

The images don't work for me, but you can achieve similar results with Volt, Nova, Rhino and a few other frames that can cc and augment your weapon's damage or with Nyx and rely on your cc and invincibility using the Assimilate augment. 

Or use Sonar Banshee if you're a tryhard like me.

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58 minutes ago, (XB1)Tricky576 said:


You have TWENTY ONE capacity free on that Nidus?

Start maxing mods, that's your problem. Flow, Stretch, Steel Fiber, start farming endo and get those bad boys all their lovely glowing blue dots. Replace Damaged Intensify with the real deal, that's your other priority. 

The only mod you don't need to max is Ice Spring. I'm not a fan of Pain Threshold but you can keep it if it helps (ideally it's best on a Quick Thinking build but that mod might be hard for you to find). But if you are going to swap it for something, swap it for Steamline, that's another priority for you to find

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