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Lag Issues With The New Update


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Hello everyone! I'm from Argentina and from the last update, the game is very wrong me, most of the games I play are lag, when I'm the creator of the game as well as lag goes off to the other users ... Before updating the game that did not work so bad, I walked all well and had no such problems that I have now. Sometimes I go into a game with sound problems, as if in a cave.


My computer meets all the requirements ... Again I say, before the last update, I did not have these problems.

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Sadly, as updates keep coming.... the performance of the game is getting worse and worse, just like networking. Update 9 alone was already a big hit on this and literally cut off players from being able to play.

Networking keeps getting worse and worse with updates, particularly for overseas connections.


Your best and only bet, asides from just waiting to see if DE cares to bother about this constant disaster, is lowering all your settings to min.... this will help reduce the load and with that, the network traffic will be reduced too because of how it works here.


Best of lucks man

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