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Parasitic Growth (Parasitic Link Nidus Augment)


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Just a concept i thought of one day,

"Nidus becomes immobile and continuously links to new enemies and allies that enter his range"

"Consumes 1 stack per target effected slightly by number of tethers and by warframe efficiency"

I just think that this would be an interesting augment for a sort of "Deployable Nidus" that could buff multiple teammates and/or disable multiple enemies at the cost of mobility and use of other abilities while this is in effect.


Edit: Changed 1 stack per second to 1 stack per target thanks to LukinhoGamer's Input

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4 minutes ago, (PS4)LukinhoGamer said:

If move 1 stack per sec to 1 stack per target, I think it would be perfect

yeah i was debating between that and 1 per second, i at first thought 1 per target would be too much, but now that you brought it up i think that 1 per target if its also affected by warframe efficiency would be better

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The details on this are lacking for me. Recall that the range for the link is very large. So, if it's automatically linking to targets nearby, Nidus will likely link to an entire room. That could be very annoying on a defense mission where even one enemy still linked means the wave doesn't end. Further, if it links to everything in the room, then using his 1 with it essentially does nothing, which is one of the best things about his 3. I could see adjusting this augment to instead just link all allies, but lose the ability to link to enemies as the trade off. Make it only one stack still, easier for programming, and maintain the ability to move normally. It essentially then trades the defensive aspects of the skill for purely offensive ones, so you'll need to rely on the ability to maneuver. I just see range of the skill being a big issue that results in a massive drain on his stacks, and headaches for yourself and allies if you're linking to every enemy in range.

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