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What's the point of a frontal shield if it's not perfect?


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I thought the balance was it only protects in the direction the camera is facing, but it's 100% protection when it's between you and enemy fire. I just don't understand why some enemies can shoot right through it. Some Frames get 90-95% damage reduction in all directions. For example, Mesa and Gara can tank a lot of damage from Nox, Vomvalysts, and Eidolons, etc. They don't even need to think about it. 

What I love about Garuda is you absolutely need to think about your positioning. For some reason those same enemies I mentioned just completely bypass her Dread Mirror. I was really hoping she would feel very rewarding to play as far as her survivability goes. I can jump around and spam her 2, 3, and 4 to stay alive, but that does gets old. She has a shield and I just think it should be better. I also don't understand why Dread Heart is even connected to the shield in the way it is now. Just because I throw Dread Heart, what does that have to do with the shield? The shield is duration based. We still keep the heart when the shield is gone, so why not the other way? Throwing Dread Heart should just reset Dread Heart, and the shield should just be completely based on duration. 

I also think her shield should follow the camera better. It reminds me of beam weapons, but it's even worse. It drags behind the reticle and is much slower than the camera. I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but just doesn't feel good. I wish it was more like a Reinhardt shield. I just want it to always be where I'm aiming. I think she would feel so much better, especially while in the air or dealing with strange angles that allow small cracks in her defenses. 

Anyways, I just want Dread Mirror to give me a more confident feeling. If I mess up and let enemies get behind me, that's my fault. There are many other frames I can play if I want easy survivability. Garuda's shield should block everything from the front. There's no excuse for her to be vulnerable from the back and front while her shield is up, especially considering her passive. Please fix ASAP and thanks for reading. ☺️

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I also don't understand why Dread Heartis even connected to the shield in the way it is now.

Apparently they meant for her to be a mobile caster hence why the shield drops and doesn't block everything to force you to keep moving and use the rest of her abilities. To be fair though it's so not that old of a complaint, when you play her kit more technically, things like that don't really make sense and I tend to agree but on the other hand if you play her like they want you to it's not that much of an issue. 

I am never against a good buff though and I think all these ideas are good.

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I think her shield should be frontal part of a sphere, maybe not a 180 degree cut, but enough to cover sides a bit and connect to floor. Also make it visually just a transparent energy field without that annoying frame of a mirror.

1 - It will protect her from AoE damage in front of her (grenades, pulse bombs, napalm fire and so on).

2 - It will work much better during hover-cast of her 1st and 4th abilities.

Look at the upcoming frame - his first ability works essentially in same way, but visually it is much more appealing.


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This is my biggest complaint about garuda at this point.
Okay, I have a shield that can protect me only in front of my warframe, I can live with that. It's promoting a smart play and positioning to avoid damage from most dangerous enemies. But! It's damage mitigation is bloody inconsistent!

A lot of enemies can just bypass my mirror with their attacks. For example, just a quick bounty run in Orb Vallis:
- plasmor crewman can bypass garuda's mirror with his shots.
- opticor crewman can do the same.
- big turrets on top of hangars.
- coildrive.
All this fellas can inflict damage to garuda even with shooting in her mirror, which supposed to block all damage.

So please, can we at least get a block radius scale from ability range for garuda's dread mirror? Like we already have this on zephyr's turbulence with decent ability range. Or something like that, honestly, I feel like dread mirror should do it's job better by default.

I don't ask for a side block coverage increase, frontal blocking is fine. But you really need to make it consistent in blocking projectiles with large splash damage, so when I get an opticor shot to the face I can be sure that my mirror will protect me. It's mandatory for such skills that requires a smart positioning to provide it's benefit.

Also, increasing speed of mirror rotation while following a view dirrection is also would be awesome. Currently it feels a little bit unresponsive.

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