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Non-Squad-mate was inside of my Orbiter


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I had this happen after I abandoned a void fissure mission, all in order to follow my friend since he forgot to equip a relic before clicking ready. Afterward, I noticed another person in my ship from the movement in the corner of my eye as I was absentmindedly zoning out in my orbiter as everyone does. This person was not in the chat window anywhere nor was it a player that was able to be mentioned or communicated with using any in-game system except playing charades(aka emoting). I was taken aback from this but when I recovered I was asking around about it in region chat and trying to make any sense of this. This included checking my friend's list to see if any of them somehow trolled me. This was when I was given the idea to invite someone else to my orbiter by someone in region chat. Forgetting I was already back in a squad with the friend mentioned earlier, I invited this person to the squad and prepared to invite him to my orbiter when I noticed I lacked the option to invite people to my orbiter... I was not able to invite people to my orbiter, yet someone was in my orbiter, and they are also not in my squad, nor friend's list. After attempting to shake hands with each other and a handful more emotes finished playing out, I decided to go out on a limb and leave the squad in order to be the host and have the power to invite people and show them directly. However, this was the end of our adventures together, or at least it was in the orbiter. After spending some time in region chat asking if anyone was playing Zephyr and was just inside of someone else's orbiter, I did some looking and ended up finding the mystery tenno on my recently played with. After messaging this person asking for clarification(more like I was dead set on claiming it was them like people did a witch long time ago) we gathered that the last thing they did was queue up for a Neo void fissure(which is the exact mission I abandoned at the beginning) and somehow ended up on my ship. Now that the horror was over for me, and the confusion for them, we decided to go back and open some Neo relics. Anyone else experiences this before? Personally, I was thinking it was something DE was setting up to have players join other players' ships randomly all in the pretense of being social, which I now think would be a nice touch for a matchmaking option.



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