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I am trying to Min/Max the damage of my kohm with what I have to work with:

I currently have 3 dual status mods (depends what I need to fight against ill switch one out to make corrosive/viral/magnetic/gas) + my 120%status-200%dmg riven

shotgun spaz (self explanatory)

seeking force (Because I mainly use equinox duality)

hells chamber

and then that leaves the last mod which i consider my "Optional" mod..... but for more damage I am unsure of which one is most practical so here is the list:

Primed Charged Shell (more elemental damage)

Primed Point Blank (more raw damage... however I think Diminishing Returns makes this not a valuable option)

Accelerated Blast (Pew Pew faster)

Seeking Fury (Cuz the Duality AI is a tard so more punch through helps + reload speed is sorta nice)

Blaze (elemental + raw damage)

and finally .... Vigilante Armaments (Multishot 60% to bring the total to 180)


no good at math, where are my mathematicians? 


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Well, if you're shooting armor Blaze is counter productive to your Corrosive status triggers. If you're shooting Infested it's good.

Primed Charged Shell is the ideal option for shredding through armor since it will greatly increase your Corrosive weight.

Fire Rate will help your Duality because it doesn't care about Ammo but you do. So that depends how much you want to lean on it.

Primed Point Blank is still a DPS increase overall even with a 200% Damage Riven since there are no Primed Banes for shotguns.

I would drop Seeking Fury and use Primed Point Blank so you can have those other three options available.

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30 minutes ago, Xzorn said:

I would drop Seeking Fury and use Primed Point Blank so you can have those other three options available.


The problem with doing this... is that the AI spectre becomes even more of a tard.

  • Quote

    The clone benefits greatly from using weapons with innate Punch Through such as the Phage and punch through mods such as Metal Auger or Shred, it helps the AI of the clone to identify and lock on to enemies quicker. The punch through will cause the clone to ignore all obstacles in its vision based on what it can shoot through (The range of the punch through of the weapon used), which will prevent the clone from awkwardly trying to peek around a corner or trying to reposition to kill an enemy that is hiding behind a small obstacle.

    this ^ was grabbed from the wiki, however it's very true... haveing 4.2 punch through compared to the default is the difference between night and day

  • I don't know the variables on punch through for the ai spectres tracking to go from meh to amazing but it seems to be right around 4.2 punch through.... the duality spectre finally operates like a living turret mowing down anything that is within is sight and behind a wall he can shoot through. anything below and targets can walk right past him, and the delay of enemy tracking becomes obscenely present. So for me, using equinox anyway.... thats not an option.

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