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Riven breaks after unveiling when in dojo.


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The after unveiling a pistol riven I got from the gift of the lotus from the latest dev stream, I had a fun surprise. The riven didn't roll to a specific weapon like it usually does. it is now just named pistol and has no type affinity. When I finished the mission I had no reveling sequence like it usually does. I haven't exited the game as I am still gathering data about the riven.

This happened because I was in my dojo, once I got back to my ship, it re-showed me the mission complete UI for my last mission and unveiled the riven properly
To the interested, it turned into a spectra riven.

Steps to reproduce:
complete any riven challenge while in the dojo
go in your mod inventory and find that wonderful riven named Pistol/Rifle/Whatever

Images of the broken riven:



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