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Longwinder Bait not working


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On my last 2 baits, I decided to bring my kavat along so went back in Fortuna to change then back out. Waited for warm, and threw my baits on the hotspots at the lake. 0 longwinders in 2 different hotspots. I don't mind getting a few but getting 0 with already using a bait seems terribly unfair. Actually there were hardly any fish at all. I was farming Longwinders earlier and caught a few fine though.

On 2018-12-09 at 4:22 PM, DaManD said:

As the title says. Yes this is during warm weather and I have tried multiple lakes.

Were you on your last bait or brought a kavat? Maybe we are triggering some sort of bug. 

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This actually is a problem for me as well. I was farming cave fish (Synathid and Charamote) and I got plenty of those spawns in the cave when I used Synathid and Charamote bait, but whenever I try to farm Longwinder and use the bait, I get almost no spawns. This needs to be fixed due to how short the warm weather period is. It's currently way too hard to farm Lathe Coogulant because of the low spawn rate.

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