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Grineer in Plains Spam Back-Up Drones


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Not sure if a patch added this or if it bugged them but the Grineer in the Plains are casting the "Call for Back-Up Drone" WAY to much.

I was running Plains with a friend who just joined the game & I kid you not. Every battle we had the Grineer would toss up a drone nearly at every reload.

Grineer would jump off a landing craft & immediately toss up a drone.

Grineer would land from a orbital drop & immediately toss up a drone. Grineer from far away would spot a player & toss up a drone.

While 1 drone was up being shot 1 (sometimes 2 Grineer) would toss up another drone.

I spent more time killing drones than I did teaching him how to play.

For him it was overkill. At MR 2 no weapons can kill the drones quickly so it was a constant stream of Grineer until I dedicated myself to drone duty.

We returned to town, reloaded, and it persisted.

So either they were overturned or am I missing something in the patch notes?

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