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Energy/health spheres picked with equilibrium not showing numbers correctly


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When you pick up a sphere (health or energy, doesn't matter) having equilibrium or with equinox, the game shows the numbers of the converted pick up (if you get an energy one, the health number or viceversa) wrongly after you pick up 2 in a row.

e.g. If you pick up an energy orb, you'll get 25 energy and 2 health. If you inmediatly after pick up another, you'll see 50 energy but 24 health. With the third one, you'll see 26 health, and with the next, 28 health. When picking up health orbs, happens the same, but in none of the cases, the converted pick up will be the amount shown, when you see 24 health, you'll get actually only 4 health.

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