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[Quest Concept] Something for Ordis


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Hey there.

FIRST OF ALL: This post will contain some lore references and speculations that could turn into large spoiler for anyone that has not done:

  • Main quests up to Chimera
  • Octavia's quest
  • Complete Cephalon's fragment scanned
  • Jordas' Precets (atlas quest)

So now that spoiler alerts have been told, here it start.


I was replaying the Sacrifice while I heard Ordis asking us if we were seeking revenge for the damage that Umbra caused to him when we built him even after Ordis warned us to not build it. And I just realised that in the entire actual storyline of the quests, we never really shown some recognition to Ordis for everything he did for us. He's always there, he always support us, he never turned upon us by will, he just never even thought about betraying us.

If you completed the entire scanning of the Cephalon Fragment you know that he is literraly "in love" with his operator, he never did anything for himself alone, without thinking of the consequences that the operator could suffer.

We damaged him so many time by just beeing kiddos that just want to pew pew pew, and he never complained that much, he even erased his own memory to protect us from what he was and could become again.

And all of that lead me to wanting to have a Main Quest where we, the operator, would have to sacrifice a lot to save him.


The base idea is that for some reasons, [insert scenarium here], Ordis would start to depleate in a way that Simaris would tell us that we must either:

  • Remove his software and install a brain new Cephalon that would replace him. (most selfish choice for the operator to make)
  • Upgrade entierly his software to a newer and more stable version of cephalon. (the neutral path, where you make compromise between new and old)
  • Doing all we can to save him and rebuild him like he was before the start of the quest. (the loyalty choice, where we show him our love)

The result of the quest would change forever the relationship between the cephalon and the operator, and each of the three path would requieres huge sacrifices to make.

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