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What if "Hela" from Thor Ragnarok is a frame!!


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So... I am a Marvel fans and I like to watch their movies. I not good in english at all srry if their wrong grammar. Let get to the point I really like to tell u that it'll be super awesome if Hela the goddess of death will be a warframe isn't it?? 

Her skill will be like can summon the melee weapons, the touch of death that can kill or drain enemy soul and when the souls is max then she will can summon a blades storm around her just like the fourth skill of Garuda but more cooler but, just only the enemy in light sight.

Oh!! She must have the reborn skill too that use to rise her enemy back from death and become her allies it may look like nekross but, this one is about time just like 3 minute then disapere not like running out of Lp.

So It is just an idea for make this game funnier I just want to tell what i though anyways thx for reading LoL

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Would rather see a half-eidolon, half Fenrir theme frame with immunity to many conditions as a passive... paired with extra vulnerability to others.

Skills would be a conal aoe toxic proc "roar" borrowed from Jormungand, a short duration movement speed buff that increases in duration and power with kills, an armor and health buff that scales similarly with kills, and a vorpal chance, armor ignoring pounce as an ult.

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