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Mag Index Build


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This build describes a way to play Mag in high-risk Index missions.



  • Wide area crowd control through Polarize and the augment mod Counter Pulse
  • Large and lasting protective killzones through Magnetize
  • Medium execution difficulty


Mag Loadout


  • Power Donation alternatives: Growing Power, [Weapon Type] Amp
  • Constitution alternatives: Augur Message
  • Arcane Nullifier is helpful to keep energy up
  • Arcane Acceleration is filler
  • With approx. 170% power duration and 235% power range, standing roughly in the center of the map: the indoors map is completely covered by Polarize with a second to spare and the outdoors map is mostly covered by Polarize
  • Power strength is least important here as damage will rely on your weapon and because of the above combination working out almost perfectly
  • Magnetize bubbles are very large and last a long -- they can protect you and at the same time build up huge damage over time and kill enemies upon expiration
  • Counter Pulse is key. The disarm duration gives long enough to cast and fire into Magnetize bubbles and stops most enemies in their tracks (the melee enemies appear to ignore it)
  • Streamline is very important to keep Polarize constantly up and to keep Magnetizing enemies


Way Loadout (Zenurik)


  • Energy Pulse and Energizing Dash are the important points here
  • They will enable constantly keeping up Polarize and Magnetize bubbles


Weapon Loadout (Daikyu)


  • Daikyu is merely an example here
  • Magnetize mechanics favour projectile weapons and punch through because pellets are not affected by redirection and punch through permits multiple hits
  • Gas damage burns through organic enemies and low health, high shield enemies
  • Honestly just use whatever. Based on my tests, Daikyu works fine including up to round 3-4, but begins to drop off in kill speed around that point. I have not tested higher rounds
  • Other weapon slots: equip whatever you like



  • Stay near the centre of the map
  • Keep your energy up through pickups and Energizing Dash
  • Use Polarize any time it is not active
  • Use Polarize when enemies are dangerously close -- the high power range you have gives your disarming Polarize a high starting radius and will likely catch the enemy on cast
  • Use Magnetize on enemies on sight
  • Fire at Magnetize bubbles
  • Keep Magnetize bubbles between you and the enemy when possible to increase survivability
  • Keep Polarize up to CC and thus increase survivability
  • Don't worry about Crush or Pull as they do little in this build and are largely a waste of energy


Why should you use this build?

  • If you need an excuse to bring a frame other than Rhino, Mesa, or Trinity to the Index
  • Mag memes
  • Fun
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