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Looking for Dojo Designer :D


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Hey fellow tennos, years ago I started my own clan with a irl friend of mine we grew at a rapid pace with members pouring in every week until my friend and I took a year long break from the game due to problems irl- losing all our members and friends. We've been in this kind of limbo or staying as a inactive clan we don't want to disband it but want to start fresh again and regain our glory days. We never dedicated time to making a cool dojo for it, just kind of threw everything in there but we looking to change that now.

So I was wondering if anyone was interested in joining us to decorate the dojo of course we'd be pitching in for resources but for now we just need someone who's dedicated in helping us destroy rooms, and re-design for us. We would also like to compensate you with a whole prime vault package in helping us.

If interested, pm me or comment below.

Ty ❤️

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If you need some help planning out floors of dojos, I highly recommend you use Dojoplanner


It's very useful and you can save it as a Gif or JPG for later to refer to once you get the general idea of how you want your dojo laid out.

Personally, i connect two elevators centeralized, down for Generator rooms (power mostly), and Upper floors for whatever you want ie: Obstacle floors, barracks, training rooms, or just meditation areas.

Center floors I did with friends as our Trade/vault hub, with connecting Labs for research and a observatory (sortie, mission) room for when we didn't want to be stuck in our orbiting ships all night.

Hope this helps out 😄 and good luck with your Plans ^_^

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