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PSA: Octavia's Mandachord UI cut off (with easy fix)


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The symptoms:

The Mandachord UI looks stretched and parts of the UI are cut off, rendering it very hard to use.


The problem:

Having your aspect ratio set to "Auto" can sometimes cause this problem. Other related factors include using Borderless Window and using multiple monitors.


The solution:

Change your aspect ratio (Options -> Display) to whatever your actual aspect ratio is (most commonly 16:9).


I remember way back, back when Octavia was released, that this was a fairly common issue. Strangely, I hardly found anything on this when turning to google for a solution. The only ones I found were 2 different forum posts on this very forum (both questions remained unanswered so they were of no help) and 1 reddit post (with two useless answers that offered no help).
I even turned to the ingame region chat for aid, but no answers from there at all (granted that the time of day wasn't exactly ideal).

It didn't help that it wasn't actually me who suffered from his bug, it was a friend. I seemed to recall that the fix was something easy so I started messing around with my settings to see if I could replicate the bug. I realize that going to the aspect ratio settings might be the first stop for many of you, but it wasn't for me. I like learning from others' mistakes so I went to google first. Having wasted the good part of an hour without results, I managed to fix it on my own.

I make this PSA in an attempt to help at least someone.


On a sidenote I find it strange that it was so hard to find any information about this, even if (or maybe despite that) Octavia has been around for quite a while by now. It's almost more strange that DE hasn't fixed it on their end yet, which I can only assume is well within their power.

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