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Newbie looking for a clan [PC][EU/INT]


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Hello fellow Tenno.

Im quite new to this game (only MR5) and I played this game mostly solo so far, but on an occasion I joined a public group. . Usually I play in the evenings during weekdays and in the weekends, because of a job. I'd like to learn more about this game, cause I enjoy it a lot sooo thats the main reason I want to join a clan. :) I don't have a problem contributing to the clan and helping out others. A word of warning though I'm not good at shooting things.  For the most part I played RTS and RPGs (I like smashing things). :D

I don't have TS or discord setup yet but if it's required I can get it. Don't have a mic so it's texting only for me and my english is very bad as you can see. It takes a long time to write something so you have to be patient with me 😄

I'm looking for a casual, laid back clan, that is based in Europe. Looking forward to playing with you :) 

IGN -  Stryker_the_mad

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