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Question about Exclu Twitch deco and OLDFRIEND code


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Sorry for bad english

Hi, is there any official statement that these items will or wont come back in the future? Also we already guess that it is likely to not come back no need to tell that 

Teralyst sigil (it is technically still available from twitch but none partners streaming there still have the achievement undone to loot it)
Prominence Wisp Totem from twitch
Teshin Statue from twitch
Starchild Diadem from twitch

Orokin Tea Set from promocode OLDFRIEND

I missed the Tea set, Teralyst sigil and Prominence Wisp Totem


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à l’instant, (XB1)ShadowBlood89 a dit :

they wont ever come back as were limited time event items

Is there any official statement? I never saw something explicit saying that they will NEVER come back.
Just as braton and lato vandal in the past, it was limited time event items and they released them back

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