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Operator optics and Companion Review


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I would like some more elegant clothing for the Operator, as most of the clothes we have now looks like we live on a junkyard and I don't find that very fitting for someone who actually lives on a spaceship and has tons of money and materials.

What I would like to see is cloth based on the syndicates. They can be purchased for standing if you are Rank 4/5. Maybe also add cosmetics like earrings, scarfs ...

As an Examle :



Second option would be cloth based on Orokin design. They can be found in Void/Derelict missions or be traded from Maroo.

Examples :

I like that they will add new Hair and also redo the old ones, so I hope we will see more for our Operators. In addition it would be nice if we could customize our Operators further, like bodytype and age.



I think Kavats, Helminth Carger and most of the Sentinels are fine, but the Kubrows defenitely need a review. 

  • Please restore our furry friends to their old optic or rework it for new shiny textures. As of now their fur looks really ugly.
  • the Chesa needs a substitute precept for Retrieve, now that we have Fetch it dosn't really have a use anymore
  • Dig from the Sahasa Kubrow should better function in endless missions, most of the time you are in combat and he won't dig anything. Maybe let him dig once you stand still for some time, even if there are enemies around. It would also be nice if he can dig out rare resources like Orokin Cells, Gallium... (does not need to have a high chance but the possibility would be nice)
  • Kavats got some nice specific Mods, maybe Kubrows could also get something new
I like the new precept the Deathcube got, but I think Vaporize needs a look at, as Taxon got a better version then Deathcube. My idea would be to let it function like Molecular Conversion, but instead of giving shields it restores a % of your life.
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