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Suggestions about Dojo and Clan


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I write this post to put these ideas about the Clan and the Dojo because when RailJack approaches, I have the impression that it need some "finishes" on some aspects.
I mean, RailJack will be mainly about a ship that will have a foundry, the mod console and the arsenal, and lots of other things that we do not know yet, I guess.
Steve said RailJack is his dream game, space ninjas, with their ship.. ok.
But what about their base of operation ? 😛
It was said that the ship was going to require a dojo room.

So, at my rank 25, I said to myself, "I'll finally create my clan, to make a nice dojo, and recruit new players, to help their progress, while making them discover the progress of a clan, and it will be ready for the arrival of RailJack.."

It was on this occasion that I was able to observe the current state of the possibilities of the dojo.
It's fantastic, we agree, I saw the creations of the featured dojos, the tools available already make marvels.
But I also met, all the little frustrating details.
So, here is my little idea list, so that everything is perfect * - *

A better decoration mode, including:
- A grid, visible or deactivable ( 2D and 3D if possible )
- Snap to grid, or objects ( on/off )
- Forcing mode able to move in both directions of each axis, and able to completely cross other objects, including the floor and walls.

New elements:
- Spawn Point: an invisible point, placeable only in a Hall.
- Dojo planner: possibly integrated into a console decoration. ( like this dojo planner, but better ^^ )
- Music sources, a model affecting the dojo globally, and a model to affect a single room. ( Maybe integrated in a console decoration )
- Komi Mini Game Decoration
- Small "room of inspiration", size identical to the small garden, same principle as the hall of inspiration.

- Clear a door that will not be used. Or reactivate a masked door.
- Selection of the floor for the elevator, or other model of elevator, having this possibility.
- Replace an existing room by another, of the same size.
(include destruction time, and construction process of the new room )
- Rename an existing teleporter.

Possibility + New items:
Objects with interraction:
- Chairs: to actually sit, on a model of chair intended for, not using the emote to sit down.
- Table: table model made to receive small decoration, like a Komi board.
- Bench / Sofa with several places
- Sit on the bench already existing if they are at their size by default.
- Consoles: for mini-games, or just to get in position as when you hack a console mission.
- - - - These elements could not change size, to avoid that the animations do not correspond any more.

The text of the teleporter in the interface, only the first capital letter of each word is preserved, giving for example:
Floor Vi, instead of Floor VI.

- Do not bring our squad into the dojo when you go there, or give them the opportunity to accept or refuse to be carried with us, but not have to wait for their response, for us to be sent.
- Do not make us leave the active squad when leaving the dojo.

- Preview of the Clan emblem in game:
The Warlord upload his emblem in "trial" mode, free of charge.
The next launch of the game, he will see the emblem of his clan in game, on the banner, on the interface, and on a new Clan Emblem for his Warframe.
Only he can see it.
Or, provide a specific folder in the directory of the game, to test the emblem client side.
The contents of the folder are deleted each time the game is closed.

Why dojo "net codes" are similar to relays ?
Why not allow a member of the clan, who chooses it, to be host, to allow the same possibility than on mission:
- See the companions.
- See all movements 2.0.
- See the doors open correctly when another player pass.
- See the warframes when we come out as an operator.

If it is related to the possible number of players present at the same time, why not make a cap ?
At 9 players present, return to "relay mode".
I think the cap of 9 because 8 players depending on a single host was possible during the Raids.

This idea is just to have some conviviality..

Overall, these ideas are intended to ensure that players can easily take care of their dojo, and are motivated to do so, by knowing that it can be a real base of operation, friendly, without people who walk in the air.
If Railjack gets more people to take care of their dojo, these will have to be ready, to not frustrate the players by small details.

Awaiting your feedback and ideas 😄


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