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Friendly/Enemy healthbars need to look different.


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Hello, I'm 250 hours into WF and out of the many weird UI functionalities this game has, the unification of the ally/enemy healthbars is the one thing I can't overcome no matter what.

Even after hundreds of hours, I keep on shooting on my allies, their charmed grineer/corpus, their pets, their moas and so on. WF is defined by it's fast paced gunplay and that's one of it's best features, but combining this fast pace with mixed player feedback can sometimes be confusing and frustrating.


Firstly I have to ask what is the point of seeing your ally's health when they are over your target reticle. This is not something I'll ever look for intentionally in the middle of a gunfight, with the sole exception being the missions when your escort Grineer survivors to the exit and you have to heal them at the beacon before telling them to run. These missions are extremely rare and alone can't justify the existence of this feature.

If I'm playing a support frame and want to perform actions to heal my allies, the "mini group" health bars on the top right does a superb job in giving user feedback.

Small clip and and other clip of me naturally demonstrating the above issue in action, notice how the healthbar and name appear the moment my scope is on the head. Actually doing the index quest with friendly bots is what broke the camel's back for me. I reached a point where I just shot at everything, this was faster than halting my actions, aiming at the head and reading the enemy name before pulling the trigger. I could make a 5 minute youtube video of me shooting at pets and charmed enemies, but I doubt it's needed to get my point across.


Here is an example of how overwatch easily deals with a similar situation dZKsVQN.jpg

Enemy: Red letters, red heath - Ally: Blue letters, white health.

In Warframe, all the healtbars would all be red, and "friendly bot/training bot" would be the same red colour. Not to mention Overwatch's subtle red outline enemies have or the ability to customize cross-hair color.


Assuming I'm one of the few people affected and confused by the ally healthbars cluttering the action, here are a couple of suggestions.

- Give us the option to disable them completely. There's already an options to "disable health over enemies" but that disables all healthbars and doesn't really help. As I typed above, the "player list" on the top right AKA the mini-group healthbars provide all the player feedback that's needed in order to make decisions during combat.

- Add distinct colors for both enemies and ally names, currently both are white, or provide us with some customization options

- Add an option to change ally healthbars colour to something more neutral. 


Edit: A phrase + another clip

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