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Health conversion after 'Archwing' & 'K-Drive'


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 I don't know what tag must used... So just tag slot remain.

Anyway during the play in 'Fortuna'. Found difference between 'Archwing' & 'K-drive', about 'Health conversion' mod.

First, 'K-Drive' case. Below the screenshot UI shows player gain the 'Health conversion' bonus next to the sheild & health bar.18B5AB5716D0986E69AB2CEE7B1789A418B46EA6After using the 'K-Drive' player's UI still showing have triple stack with 'Health conversion' bonus.(Forget to capture the using 'K-Drive' screenshot, but it also showing triple bonus stacked during the 'K-Drive' mode)8B75F9E10F023F13DB013898027D280CC3C9303F

But, using the 'Archwing' it's different... Look at the below screenshot, it also have 3 'Health conversion' bonus.1526E7543C4136553F2D350AC47D9072EEAD5788However, using the 'Archwing' this bonus disappear after using 'Archwing launcher'.1873E78E7ECF0161CBF57F230C71477F8B8997A8

632EC09712ACC6706B5C0251F85C513C487A2270Last screenshot shows player when return from 'Archwing'. Lost all 'Health conversion' bonus... Can be found it's UI gone...

I don't know which one is bug or both are intended... So if 'Health conversion' bonus disappearing is bug. Hope to be fixed like 'K-Drive' which don't lose 'Health conversion' stacks.


Thanks for reading this post and have a nice day :)

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