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we need excaliburg for smash ?


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Class: Mid-weight


Neutral special: Exalted Blade - Excalibur swings his sword and sends a wave of energy forward that deals a low amount of damage. Can be chained up to three times. Both energy wave and sword deal damage.

Side special: Slash Dash - Excalibur surges forward in a dash with a swing of his sword. Deals the most damage at the very end of the attack. This attack is useful for sideways recovery. Can only be used once before being put into a ‘helpless’ state.

Up special: Bullet Jump - Excalibur launches himself into the air, dealing low damage to anyone in his path. Launch angle can be adjusted at the beginning.

Down special: Radial Blind - Excalibur guards with his sword for a brief moment. If an enemy’s attack hits, Excalibur unleashes a blinding flash that stuns enemies directly adjacent to him. 

Final Smash: Radial Javelin - All enemy fighters are dealt a large amount of damage and are sent flying.

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35 minutes ago, Duality52 said:

If Excalibur ever gets accepted into Ultimate, then I would imagine Umbra as an Echo Fighter.

I'm in with the proposal, but there's likely going to be some internal talking with DE and Nintendo (likely Sakurai) even if Warframe is now on Switch.

I wouldn't waste a slot on Umbra as an Echo I would imagine him to be more of a skin.

The skins I imagine would be the Starter Excal ,Dex Skin, Immortal Skin, Prisma Excal, Proto Skin, Umbra, Prime and a final skin for the eventual Nintendo version of Excel. (seeing as how there is an exclusive for every version)

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