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Host migration causing loss of progress/rewards


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I've run into a few host migration errors this past weekend.  (Playing docked if it matters.)  I can only recall 2 of the 3.   That 3rd one was maybe on Exta as well but I do not recall when host migration glitched the mission.

Exta - Host migration causes the mission to glitch.  We killed Vor and then host migration message hits while working on Krill.  After Krill is down, mission says we still need to kill Vor who is already dead.  It sucked because we managed to drop a rare mod that was new for me.  I did not get the name as I was going to check it out on the rewards screen.

Alert capture mission for an uncommon mod, Shield Depletion perhaps?  After the capture, host migration hits and no capture target.  Mission immediately failed.  Thankfully it was painless to re-run. 


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