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Beginner weapons?



Hi, I am new to this game. Infact, new to the whole open world MMORPG. I am an "fps" guy, like csgo, cod etc.

But I picked Warframe cuz I wanted to try it out.

First things first. This game is overwhelming as hell. Maybe all RPG are. That being said, I liked the warframe's fluidity and gameplay. I am using Excalibur, almost at level 20.

I was wondering what weapons should I "forge?" as I see you need to literally forge EVERYTHING in this game. Not complaining, it might be fun in the long run. But right now it's too complicated for me. So can anyone point me out some weapons I could go "forge" as a beginner.

FYI I got master rank 2, if that helps out with the question.

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Primary: Strun, Soma, Hek

Secondary: Lex

Melee: Atterax, Orthos Prime, Guandao


Strun and Soma are decent until you get Hek on MR4.

With all other weapons you can easily clear the Start Chart

4 minutes ago, doctommyghost said:

I am using Excalibur, almost at level 20.

You don't need to state such info because your strength comes from Mods, not level (you can reset your level with Forma to make your gear better)

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14 minutes ago, doctommyghost said:

master rank 2

Some weapons I found interesting would include ...

Strun (also get the MK-1 Strun with Credits, just for the Mastery)

Furis (keep it for when you get the Augment later, Health leeching + radial damage blast woo)
Hikou (quite fun once you have +Multishot Mods and Concealed Explosives)

Heat Sword (not amazing but you can get a free one, complete with weapon slot and Reactor, via the code FREESWORD)
Orthos Prime (alas, you'll probably have to trade for the Handle, a friendly Clan mate might just give it to you for free)

Mind you, changing weapons alone isn't gonna make a huge difference for the most part,
it's Mods where the real power comes from, so make sure you know how to mod / where to get essential ones,
the Wiki is a tremendous help for the latter, and so much more.


Welcome home, Tenno.

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