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Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4

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2 hours ago, --SeekNDstroy-- said:

If ppl used and explored a cheat/exploit/hacked BAN them, from the casual player to WF Partner, BAN, a violation of TOS is a violation no mater if it was for 1 min or 1h and it doesn't mater if it was a insignificant exploit or a major one.

DE done in the past for ppl that cheated = BAN; ppl that used exploits = BAN and ppl that hacked the game = BAN; why the hell should it be different this time ppl used it, ppl exploited it, ppl show other on how to do it should be BAN, period (From the casual player up to WF Partner)

BAN the ip not just the account.



Well that is actualy false.

Exploits have been very present in the past and in a lot of those nobody got banned the exploit just got fixed,

Infinite Glaves , Draco , GPull Mag , Mesa oh dear mesa , Resonating Quake want me to go further ?

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5 hours ago, Vanille said:

Wukong's range was a bug, Nuke Trinity or other 'permutations of op frame powers' were not. The simple reason why they had similar or even longer duration and weren't penalized is because the game already has a way to do what they were doing but with different frames, so they weren't completely breaking nor bypassing the game mechanics, but all these changes arrived because it finally was abusable in ESO, a mode based on kill/time in which their above-average aoe dmg was way higher than nuke abilities due to dmg output not being from abilities, but weapons instead, being hundred thousands, instantly killing everything. Same thing happened with Chroma being 'bugged' for years, but it broke nothing or made it any different than other warframes and the game mechanics until Eidolons came out and he bypassed it effortlessly. Wukong and Chroma is/was popular for being below average on terms of gameplay, so allowing them to have this amount of power was like a bandaid for them until content abused by them came out.

Now in the other hand, there is no game mechanic to bypass the affinity grind in mere seconds. Yes we have ESO and other fast missions, but that's still not seconds to max something and bypass the grind mechanic. The game offers you an affinity booster if you want to speed things up, this exploit removes the need of said booster and it hurts DE, and in return it would end up hurting us.

I will say it again.  Stop.  Think about what you are saying, and get a full picture.


At one point Excalibur's Radial Javelin spawned a sword right in front of enemies, allowing for a room clearing move through obstacles.  DE stated that room sweeping was a bug, so they retooled it to be line of sight and to have a finite quantity of projectiles.  This was released as intended, defined retroactively as a bug, and the above patch was implemented once DE discovered that people were spamming the ability for fast affinity gains.


Mesa was released as the pistol master frame.  The radial attack with regulators functioned correctly, until people discovered the terrain of Draco, combined with a few additional frames, would allow for nuking the entire place and fast affinity gain.  DE identified this as a bug retroactively, and patched it out because the power "wasn't intended to be used like that."  Again, people gained affinity and rewards too fast so this went from a feature to a bug.


You selectively seem to dismiss this, because Onslaught now exists.  People used broken systems before Onslaught, so DE played whack-a-mole.  When players found a way to maximize affinity gains DE patched it out to keep all the rest of the content relevant.  Imagine for a moment DE sat down and discovered ESO and Hydron were 70% of the content players did (it seemed like this back in the Draco days).  Now imagine instead of acknowledging that this was a bug and fixing it they nuked everyone's account who power leveled on Draco.  Remember, if you were Mesa all you had to do was depress your mouse, frost had to maintain a bubble, and Mag required an easily .



Now we've established a lot of what DE puts out is broken.  You seem to agree by citing Chroma and Wukong.  You've also acquiesced that despite knowing these are broken, DE leaves them in because...reasons.  Call it a balance you define, or call it minimum viable product, but the endgame is you are incapable of identifying where a bug, feature, or exploit are sufficiently delineated.  Chroma was working as intended, but then identified as a bug, and finally patched out when the bug could be exploited for actual gain.  Does that mean everyone using Chroma for single target damage prior to the fix exploited a broken system?  It would logically follow the definition of words to say so, as DE is retroactively capable of defining anything as an exploit according to their ToS and EULA.


What happens when DE decides that the next frame's programmed features are broken?  What happens when Baruuk is capable of accelerated affinity gain like Equinox, and both are determined to be an exploit?  What happens when Garuda is found to be able to one shot bosses by inflicting a dual viral proc.?  When exactly does Hydron usage for power leveling constitute an exploit of the game?  These questions are simply potential issues, that DE could reasonably call exploits retroactively.  If they decided to do so, the precedent is that you get a permaban.  That's pretty chilling, and isn't something I believe DE should do if they want customers.



So, the counter argument is that DE knows better and wouldn't do that.  I can't buy it.  DE is composed of humans, and sometimes we humans do stupid things.  When we do, the people who care about us and want to see us succeed call us out.  I'm suggesting that it's the community's responsibility to call DE out on its nuclear response, to ask that they step it back, to ask that they explain what was done, and to provide positive or negative reinforcement based upon their actions.  If DE walks this back, explains themselves, and gives us confidence we need to share that confidence with them.  If they treat the community at large as cattle to be herded then we should let them know our distaste.  People willing to throw their fellows under the proverbial bus because the exploit was something that they didn't use, and therefore they are superior, miss out on the fact that it could just as easily be them that couldn't read DE's mind.  I know I can't follow the logic between feature, bug, and exploit.  I can't because this is a beta game years after launch, and with all of the changes it's easy for a feature to transition into an exploit due to some new system being introduced.



One last time, I want to see DE do better.  I want to see them respond to an issue proportionally, and I think that permabans and not talking to us isn't a good precedent.  I will continue to say such, despite not personally being influenced by this.  I say so despite having invested too much time into the game already.  I also say this having taken a nearly two year hiatus, and rapidly approaching the need for another.  DE can do better.  DE has done better.  I hope that providing them that feedback helps, and if it doesn't I have to move from carrot to stick.  The only stick I have is to not play the game, not offer money, and to recommend that the people I care about do the same.  Whatever that's worth, it's where I stand.

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