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Multiplayer missions: spawning bug on corpus units


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What happens:

During Orb Vallis bounties, for instance the coildrive trap mission, it seems like units are coded such that they spawn close to the coildrive and are then projected in some random direction in the game where their real spawnpoint should be. However, if playing in multiplayer missions, the latency means that the enemies can be seen "popping" for a short time, probably a couple of frames, before they disappear as they are teleported to their correct position.

This doesn't seem to happen when playing solo, so I'm suspecting network code and latency is involved, though I'm not sure. It seems a bit more prevalent when there is latency involved, and that also means it might slip under your radar in testing, unless you happen to simulate bad network behavior (If you don't do this, I would recommend spending some time toying with artificial latency injection as it tends to uncover a lot of hard-to-detect bugs in "laboratory environments like that QA has with almost perfect network conditions").

It has no effect on gameplay other than sometimes, the units a killable in those frames before their teleport.

The reason I am flagging this is because it is unintentional, and some times, such unintentional behavior can create problems down the road. My guess is that units are spawned around the objective, and then moved to their correct location, but it seems wrong to spawn them as visible, then project. Rather, I'd expected a create of the entity invisibly, then a projection, and then a visibility flip.


Thank you for a great game too! The last couple of weeks performance tuning has really paid off for me, and I seem to be getting a far more stable frametime in my end than before, which is awesome.

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