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K Drive - invisible warframe and unable to dismount.

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Happened several times - to myself (as host in invite-only mode but playing solo) and to a friend as client with me as host also invite only.


I did it by getting on my kdrive before the interaction animation was complete when investigating the last body on that bounty where you find the  4 bodies on the ground.

as soon as I investigated the 4th, I went to gear wheel and jumped on kdrive - but only the kdrive appeared and I could drive it around. at that point:

  • warframe was invisible or not there at all
  • no tricks generated any kdrive trick points
  • I could not dismount the kdrive
  • I could not use the gear wheel.

the only solution I thought at the time was to abort HOWEVER: when it happened to my friend an hour later, we tried more and ultimately got him unstuck by 

  1. rode k drive to the Pearl and had him drive it into the hole to force him to respawn.
  2. at this point he was stuck respawned in the air - couldn't move or anything but at least he was back in his warframe.  we then waited until an enemy killed him and finally he was free to move/use abilities/gear wheel etc.
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This is a bug that was prevalent on PC for some time as well. It would seem that the Xbox build missed the fix for it, or that some other quirk has brought it back. 

There was also an issue when caches were found (interacted with) too quickly, and the game wouldn’t acknowledge each cache, so the bounty step would get stuck. Might want to keep an eye out for that, just in case it snuck in too. 

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