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Conservation bug multiplayer - unable to activate next poop pile

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Farmed some pobbers - picked up the pobbers and we (there were two of us) moved to the next poop pile.

at this point we could not activate poop pile to follow the tracks - the prompt was always to call in the transport from the prior capture even though we had called in the capture already for all 3 pobbers.

only fix was to switch to vermink lure and hunt those 1 time at which point the pobbers were unstuck and we could hunt them again.

FWIW when I picked up the pobbers the first time I picked them up really quickly, picking up all 3 before the 1st call in transport animation/cut scene even appeared.  THen the cut scene appeared 3 times as expected but it glitched the next pobber hunt.


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