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the "beast" of Harindi Crater? or something else?


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so in the Harindi crater and another crater just like it (Asta Crater, I think it's called), there are these giant round things with a ton of massive gold pipes coming out of them, but they spiral out in such a way they look kind of like tentacles, and they also seem to have stuff growing on them. they don't look near symmetrical enough to just be mere decorations from Orokin towers, and they look almost like they've been frozen in place. they seem as though they might have once been some kind of... Orokin monster?

considering the things the Orokin have done in the past it wouldn't surprise me if they owned a couple of gilded Krakens, but when i went to the other crater,  saw pieces of the "tentacles" being loaded onto a truck and drones circling the area. they appeared to be gold on the inside too, not organic, but the way that they are spread out.. it seriously looks to me like it could be a frozen monster of some kind.

has anyone that has been to the craters in the Orb Vallis got any ideas as to what those things might be? me and a friend theorize that it is some kind of creature, but to everyone else they might seem just like weird decorations from that destroyed tower on the outskirts of the map. if anyone has any theories, please share.. I'm racking my brain wondering what the those damn things are..


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They are pearls. The Developers explained that those are what the Weeping Posts (terraforming towers) use to do their job. They work by shooting the pearls' energy into the surrounding area, cooling the planet. 

Notice how the Weeping Posts have arms on them? Every entrance to the weeping posts are covered, by the arms would have scooped pearls into the post to power it. Only, since the fall of the empire the pearls have long since gone inert and fallen into craters, where their energy is now leaking out everywhere.

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Those gold things with the tendrils (i assume they are evaporator coils like in a freezer) are what makes the sky icebergs for faster terraforming. 


This is concept art of one (you can see the tendrils)

This was originally going to be the clear (low level enemies (cetus day)) and blizzard (post iceberg drop (high level enemies (cetus night))) weather conditions but it will be a future event instead (kinda like plague star)
You can even see the hearts of one of these at "The Pearl" getting prepped for use (probably where the event will start)

Another concept:


They also had a gif of one forming in a devstream but i can't find it.

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