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I want to spend money/plat, but no more capacity!?


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I would like to buy these propaganda posters :Screenshot_20181210-173439_zps06wzidmh.p

And put them here: Screenshot_20181210-173506_zps89lzpt4i.p

But I have only 14 capacity: Screenshot_20181210-173524_zpsiagr6cov.p

We need more capacity. Maybe at least 500-1000 more. Because why spend plat on decor if I can't use the decor. 

And b4 I get the "well remove some stuff to fit those posters" well I say my ship is modestly decorated as is. And I don't think I should have too. That's plat I either purchased or worked for in some way. Again please add more capacity for decor. 

Thank you.


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