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Stuck in multiple squads at once, Can't extract


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This is a recurring bug I've experienced here and there, and a fairly annoying one too. Sometimes, after a squad disbands/ a mission ends/ other end-of-squad events occur, I just... won't be removed from the squad. The squad chat remains open, and I can talk to the other players in the squad, even after they've already left to go join other players. I can still join other squads too - and once the bug happens once, it seems to never stop, so I just accumulate more and more invisible "Squad" chat tabs to scroll through and accidentally post to, mistaking it for my current squad.

Still, that's just an annoyance - the real issue is that, in open world missions (POE and now Fortuna), the bug stops me from extracting the mission in any regard - usually what happens is someone in my 'phantom squad' still shows up as being in the squad in the top portion of the start menu/ the part that normally would show Profiles and Gamercards and all that. When this happens, the extraction zone in the open world areas just doesn't seem to load at all, for me or my squadmates in the session - there's no message to extract, there's no timer that starts, and we can't leave the mission without aborting. When an actual squadmate *does* abort, I've noticed that they do so without any notifications/ no "So and so has left the squad" popup or ceremony, they just vanish. Additionally, I'm unable to press the Leave Squad option at the top at this point - the button just becomes unresponsive seemingly and has no effect.

Does anyone know some type of fix for this? It goes away when I reboot Warframe entirely, but I've already lost the contents of a fair few lengthy farming runs (most recently of Toroids). 

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